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Usage indications and applications:

Clomifene citracetate (clomiphen®) is used primarily to treat female infertility due to ovarian insufficiency. Patients should begin using Clomiphen after all potential causes of subfertility have been ruled out; otherwise, its use would represent premature medical intervention. The patient population who will respond favorably to Clomifen are generally infertile females suffering from PCOS [polycystic ovarian syndrom], AMH deficiency, hyperprolactinemia, hypogonadism, hypothalamic amenorrhea, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, cervical dysplasia, or unexplained primary failure of fertility.

It's vital for couples who plan pregnancy to know whether ovulation occurs before intercourse takes place. Basal Body Temperature Tests or other suitable methods can provide information regarding ovulation. After detecting ovulation, fertility drugs including Clomifene Citrate (clomiphen citrate), Metformin HCL(metformin hydrochloride), Femara® (letrozole acetate tablets), and others, should begin around Day Five of the menstrual period. The goal here is to achieve 3 consecutive normal fertile periods after taking Cycles 1 through 6. Stable hormone levels throughout treatment indicate successful conception; however, many patients require multiple courses of Clomiphene Therapy even though all initial testing indicates ovulation.

The appropriate dose range should be determined by measuring serum hormone levels prior to initiating treatment; monitoring response to therapy using routine clinical laboratory tests would be advisable. The usual recommended daily dosage per day is 100 mg taken orally once daily. Dosage adjustments based upon serum estradiol concentration measurements may be necessary depending on individual patient characteristics. A primary factor determining whether therapeutic efficacy occurs is the timing of administration relative to menses. Administration must begin before the beginning of menstruation since the follicular phase length varies among premenopausal females. Clomiphene citrate does not appear to cause pregnancy unless used continuously throughout all cycles, even after discontinuation due to inadequate cycle control. As multiple doses increase the likelihood of side effects, shorter courses are preferred where possible, particularly if prolonged use is required. Once ovulation begins, progesterone supplementation is generally needed to prevent luteal regression. Ovarian function recovery following cessation of oral clomifene therapy depends primarily on duration of exposure rather than cumulative dosage administered. Patients taking continuous regimens longer than 6 months require continued clomiphene therapy while awaiting spontaneous menstrual resumption. During normal ovarian recrudescence, estrogen production increases dramatically and normally becomes detectable within 3–4 weeks. Lengthy periods without subsequent menstruations indicate delayed return of fertility. Menstruation resumes approximately 4 days later and lasts 2–3 times as long as baseline values. Follicle development continues until about Day 12 postovulation and results in increased numbers of Graafian follicles which subsequently rupture around Days 16–17. Mature oocytes develop into corpus callosum and then fertilize resulting in embryo implantation as evidenced by rising E2 concentrations and uterine contractions. Following successful conception, gestation proceeds normally if uneventful. Pregnancy rates depend mainly on the number of mature eggs available and do not vary greatly according to body weight. Live births reported through natural conceptions are similar regardless of maternal race.(citation)

Pregnant patients only.

Women who do not have enlarged follicles on ultrasound scans before taking fertility drugs must undergo regular pelvic examinations while being treated with fertility medications. Cystoscopy and blood tests should follow. The drug Clomifene citrate (clomiFEN eeT), which prevents pregnancy by stopping growth of eggs already formed within the body, is indicated primarily for treating infertility due to poor egg quality. While its use remains controversial in younger women, it does offer another alternative to assisted reproductive technologies.

Women who do not bleed normally. Patients suffering from abnormal menstrual cycles should undergo careful evaluation to rule out malignancy.

People who have no history of liver disease.

Clomiphene Citrate - Where to buy online for the lowest price

Fertility drugs aren't cheap; however, specific costs depend upon several variables including where you live, which medications you select, whether you use IVF or ICSI procedures, how many eggs you produce, and more. To learn about pricing options available through our medical partners, visit FertilityIQ here.

Does Clomid cost too much?

Clomiphene citrate costs around $25-$45 per month depending on where you purchase it. Generic versions of Clomid range from roughly 50 cents to nearly $4 per pill. Average prices across all pharmacies come in at approximately $97.

At pharmacies like Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, Safeway, and others, prescriptions incur a markup; however, many discount programs exist where members receive savings on drugs. Insurance companies frequently provide coupons that allow customers to pay less for medications, while manufacturers produce generics that require fewer dollars for each pill. Buying directly from the manufacturer allows consumers to buy large quantities—90 days' worth—at once. Finally, patients who order via mail generally spend far less than what they would paying cash in person.

Begin by contacting your insurance company

Contact the customer support department on your health plan card to learn how much of the bill you owe. The insurer should be willing to explain which portion of the cost is covered by his company. He might even have suggestions regarding copays and deductibles you can use to minimize costs.

Fortunately, birth control pills aren't routinely included in medical coverage plans; however, many insurers do offer discounts to patients willing to switch providers. Nevertheless, even without insurance, you should still receive a discount for using another clinic. It never harms to inquire about rates with different clinics before making a decision.

Cost Comparison For Clomid

Before filling your prescription, compare prices by checking websites where pharmacists compete directly against each other. Because birth control pills aren't normally used until after ovulation occurs, use the extra time to search pharmacies offering discounts.

Don't count on pharmacy prices staying steady after January 1st—ask them before placing an order. Also inquire whether discounts apply for larger purchases and multiple months' worth of medication. A physician may approve a longer prescription, which would allow you to purchase medications in bulk, saving money over purchasing individual doses.

Additionally, check prices among different stores before buying. While many retail outlets offer discounts on generics, others charge premium amounts. Also, note that the price a drug costs doesn't necessarily reflect how much profit its manufacturer makes per pill - which varies by company. Don't worry too much though; once you've figured out what works financially, calling around should still yield savings.

Clomiphene Citrate - Is It Right For Me?

With the rise in popularity of internet pharmacies, why not order drugs online too?

Online shopping for prescription medications isn't completely safe, unless you shop from reputable pharmacies — ones that carry the Verified Online Dispute Resolution Program seal of approval by NABPOP (National Association Board Of Postgraduate Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons). Look for the site's green "V" logo on its homepage, then click through all pages until reaching the pharmacy section. Here, look for a link to the verification program. Once approved into the system, the pharmacist should provide proof of purchase via email.

It's essential to confirm that a website isn't fraudulent before placing orders online. Unfortunately, many sites aren't what they seem. Most pharmacies charge higher prices for products shipped via mail order compared to those sold through websites.

Medicine Prices vs. Treatment Cycles Prices

Make sure you fully comprehend the overall expense before beginning medical therapy. Depending upon your health plan, infertility costs vary by provider type and procedure used. By understanding what each cycle entails, you can better assess whether it's worth shelling out thousands of dollars each month.

Your doctor may suggest trying Clomiphene by itself. Heor she may additionally recommend adding progestin into the mix, either through injections or vaginal inserts taken before ovulation occurs. The combination increases costs significantly since both drugs must be purchased separately. However, Clomifene Plus Progestogen Therapy works better than monotherapy for many patients.

A pregnancy test kit can run upwards $50-$100 — depending upon whether you pay separately or receive coverage under another plan. However, many insurers do offer payment options for infertility treatment including fertility drugs. Be aware of what your policy covers before taking action. Contact your insurer directly by phone or visit its website to learn about reimbursement policies.